Yakama Nation Fisheries Projects

Industrial and agricultural pollution and toxic contamination, dams that block fish migration and access to spawning habitat—the decline of salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and lamprey in the Columbia River is has many causes. To restore the river and the life that depends upon it, the Yakama Nation Fisheries is employing many and varied strategies, simultaneously. In some areas, habitat recovery is the key; in others, supplementation of salmon runs may need to be the driver.

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The Trinity site is being proposed for use by two programs administered by the Yakama Nation (YN).

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Yakama Nation Fisheries is seeking proposals from qualified engineering firms to award a design and engineering servi

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The Yakama Nation Upper Columbia Habitat Restoration Project (URCHRP) is a project under the Yakama Nation Fisheries Resource Management Program. The project recieves its principal funding through the Columbia Basin Fish Accords.

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The Yakama Nation's Fisheries Resource Management Program (FRMP) is tasked with managing and carrying out the deliverables for the Tribal Response grant.

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**Update: April 20, 2017: Clarification letter uploaded to the bottom of this webpage.  Please consider this information when producing your bids.**

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This report presents the findings of the Nason Creek Recreation Assessment.  The goal of this study is to support the work of the Yakama Nation and partners as they continue to seek ways to balance the ecological benefits of habitat restoration pr

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The White-headed Woodpecker (Picoides albolarvatus) is a primary excavator that occurs in pine- (Pinus spp.) dominated habitats throughout its geographic distribution.