Restoring, enhancing, improving watershed or stream function and process.

UCHRP Cultural Subcontract (On-Call)

The Yakama Nation’s (YN) Upper Columbia Habitat Restoration Project (UCHRP) is requesting bids from archaeological firms (herein referred to as “contractor”) to provide on-call archaeological services at targeted project sites in the Wenatchee, Entiat, and Methow Subbasins.  The Contractor shall perform the following Work Tasks under this contract only as previously approved in writing through a site specific Cultural/Archaeological Survey plan or as approved by the Designated Representative. Read more about UCHRP Cultural Subcontract (On-Call)

Natapoc Habitat Enhancement Project (Large Woody Material Option)

 This project entails placing large woody material (LWM) along the mainstem Upper Wenatchee River in crib-like structures.  The length of the treatment will be for approximately 100 yds. however; the treatment will be non-continuous in favor of utilizing gaps in the riparian canopy as well as further minimizing disturbance to riparian bank vegetation for exact structure placement.   Read more about Natapoc Habitat Enhancement Project (Large Woody Material Option)

Chewuch Eight Mile Creek Camp Ground Closure

The Yakama Nation, (YN), and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, (WDFW), are working together to restore a Chewuch River remnant side channel at the Eightmile Creek Camp Ground. The "Chewuch River Right" project will improve habitat for ESA listed Upper Columbia Spring Chinook, Upper Columbia Steelhead, and Bull trout by restoring and connecting off channel habitat, adding stream complexity, creating a functioning wetland, and, in the process, developing some new campground sites. Read more about Chewuch Eight Mile Creek Camp Ground Closure

Nason Creek Recreation and Large Wood Assessment

This report presents the findings of the Nason Creek Recreation Assessment.  The goal of this study is to support the work of the Yakama Nation and partners as they continue to seek ways to balance the ecological benefits of habitat restoration projects for salmonid species with the safety and recreation experience of river users.
This study employed a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to achieve the following objectives:
- Characterize existing boating recreation use levels;
Read more about Nason Creek Recreation and Large Wood Assessment

Chewuch River Reach Assessment

The Chewuch River supports populations of salmonids that are currently listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), including spring Chinook salmon, summer steelhead, and bull trout. Habitat for these species has been impacted by anthropogenic activities throughout the basin. Specific goals of this assessment include:
• Identify actions that address critical aquatic habitat impairments limiting the productivity of local salmonid populations.

Goodfellow/Chotzen Floodplain Reconnection

The proposed Goodfellow/Chotzen Floodplain Reconnection Project (Sunnyslope side channel) utilizes natural processes to restore floodplain functions in an approximately 5-acre area located along the left bank (north side) of the Wenatchee River at RM 1.4. The project will remove a low earthen berm from the floodplain, allowing water from an existing side channel to access a larger portion of its historic floodplain during high flows. Read more about Goodfellow/Chotzen Floodplain Reconnection

Sunnyslope ELJ

This project created a logjam habitat feature to stabilize approximately 800 feet of eroding left bank on the Lower Wenatchee River. THe large wood was placed above top of bank and will likely interact with the river once the bank erodes.  This project will restore large wood to this portion of the Wenatchee river channel. The large wood will provide complexity and improve fish habitat in addition to stabilizing the eroding bank. Read more about Sunnyslope ELJ