Chewuch Eight Mile Creek Camp Ground Closure

Project abstract: 

The Yakama Nation, (YN), and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, (WDFW), are working together to restore a Chewuch River remnant side channel at the Eightmile Creek Camp Ground. The "Chewuch River Right" project will improve habitat for ESA listed Upper Columbia Spring Chinook, Upper Columbia Steelhead, and Bull trout by restoring and connecting off channel habitat, adding stream complexity, creating a functioning wetland, and, in the process, developing some new campground sites.

Project goals: 

June 15, 2015               -Eight Mile Creek Camp Ground Closes

July 1, 2015                   -Begin in water work schedule

August 1, 2015              -Begin side Channel and wetland development

September 15, 2105      -Begin Re-Plantings disturbed site

October 1, 2015             -Camp Ground opens to the public

Project plan: 

The purpose of the Chewuch River Right Fish Enhancement Project is to re-establish missing habitat types and enhance existing fish habitat in the Chewuch River for use by ESA listed Spring Chinook, Upper Columbia Steelhead and Bull trout. The river has been slow to recover from a legacy of instream wood removal that occurred during the early half of the 1900’s. Many stands of the forest within the project area and upstream of the project area provide low rates of natural wood recruitment due to historic logging activities, fire, recreation, and road development.

The above described conditions have resulted in a need to provide in-stream wood and pool habitat created by in-stream structures, as well as to enhance off-channel habitat in the Chewuch River. The need for the specific treatments proposed for this project are identified in the following documents: Chewuch River Watershed Analysis (USDA 1994), Upper Columbia Salmon-Steelhead Recovery Plan (UCSRB 2007), Chewuch River Reach Assessment (YN 2010), A Biological Strategy To Protect And Restore Salmonid Habitat In The Upper Columbia Region 2014, and the Methow Valley Ranger District’s Draft Lower Chewuch Watershed Action Plan (USDA 2010). Each of these documents identifies the lack of habitat diversity in the Chewuch River as a limiting factor for ESA listed fish productivity.

Project downloads: