Request for Bids Early Winters Acclimation Pond Project

Project abstract: 

The Yakama Nation’s Mid-Columbia Coho Reintroduction Project (MCCRP) is requesting bids for construction of a juvenile salmon acclimation ponds to be installed on Early Winters Creek near Mazama, WA.  Construction is scheduled to begin in July of 2017. The project will involve all work elements found in the Contract Provisions.

The Yakama Nation will be hosting a pre-bid site visit and project walkthrough beginning at 1:00 PM on April 11, 2017.  Attendance at the pre-bid site visit is strongly suggested, as this will be the only opportunity to visit the project area with the engineer and project manager prior to the bid closing date.  All contractors will be asked to sign in upon arrival so that attendance can be tracked.  Please arrive on time and plan to stay for the entire site visit. 

Directions to the project site are as follows: From Winthrop, travel Northwest on Washington State Route 20 for 15 miles. Turn left onto Early Winters Drive (at the Freestone Inn sign). After approximately 0.4 miles, turn right onto a gravel road and park. A map is included on the project Dropbox site (see below). The site visit will be conducted by Yakama Nation Fisheries Biologist Rick Alford and project engineer Greg Ferguson.

By the close of business on Monday, 5/1/2017, each contractor must have completed and submitted a signed copy of the Early Winters Acclimation Site project bid documents to be eligible for award of this contract.  Additionally, bid prices need to be valid for at least 60 days.  All bid materials must be either hand delivered, sent by parcel delivery service or postal mail to: 

  Yakama Nation

Attn:  Tana Hoptowit, Early Winters Acclimation Site Project

PO Box 151

Toppenish WA, 98948

(Shipping address: 401 Fort Road, Toppenish, WA  98948)

The project will be conducted between July 10 and October 9, 2017 with an in-water work window between July 10 and July 31, 2017.  Project biologists are now working on extending the end date for the in-water work window into August. 

All contractors submitting bids for this project shall submit the following forms, which must be executed in full and submitted with the Proposal.

  •  A completed signed Proposal.
  •  A Bid Deposit or Proposal Bond.
  • A list of experienced equipment operators that will be on-site during project construction. Please provide details of their work on pipeline, grading, and in-stream projects within the past several years.
  • Experience and preferably examples of the ability to create de-watered work areas through the use of coffering techniques. 

Please note:

·         All equipment working within 50 feet of Early Winters Creek is required to be outfitted with biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

·         Awarded contractor must provide “san-i-can” service.   

·         The Yakama Nation is exempt from state taxes on this project.  Please see the attached Treaty Fishery Exempt Cover Letter and Treaty Fishery Exempt Certificate.  The winning contractor will receive signed copies for their records. 

·         Davis Bacon Wages apply to this contract.  The winning contractor will adhere to the Davis Bacon Rules and comply and submit all necessary paperwork to the Yakama Nation. 

The project includes: water intake installation requiring in-river dewatering, pump vault construction, pipeline excavation and backfill, generator building erection, construction of two earthen ponds, electrical installation, and site restoration; all in accordance with the Contract Provisions.

For questions regarding the site visit or bid materials, please contact the Project Engineer, Greg Ferguson, PE, Sea Springs Co at (425) 765-0263.

Please review and download all applicable attachments to include: 

ð       Treaty Fishery Tax Exemption Letter

ð       Treaty Fishery Tax Exemption Attachment

Contract Provisions may be examined at the Yakama Nation Peshastin and Methow offices.  Contract Provisions and Contract Plans for this project are available free-of-charge at the following website:

Bidders are encouraged to send an email requesting that they be included on the Bidders List in order to receive notification of future addenda.  Send the email to:

Greg Ferguson,

Project goals: 

The Early Winters site is being proposed for use by two programs administered by the Yakama Nation.  The purpose of both the Mid-Columbia Coho Reintroduction Project (MCCRP) and Upper Columbia Spring Chinook and Steelhead Acclimation (UCSCSA) program is to encourage the reintroduction and restoration of salmonid species.

The Natural Production Implementation Phase (NPIP) of the MCCRP includes coho smolt acclimation and release at multiple locations in the Methow and Wenatchee watersheds.  Coho juveniles for the MCCRP use juvenile rearing facilities located in both the lower Columbia River (e.g.-Willard NFH and Cascade FH) and local watersheds (e.g.-Winthrop NFH).  These pre-smolts are trucked to multiple sites in the region for acclimation and release.

The UCSCSA program is based on the premise that acclimating salmon and steelhead in a manner that mimics natural systems can increase the effectiveness of integrated (conservation) hatchery programs and can be used to improve the Viable Salmonid Population (VSP) status of ESA listed spring Chinook and steelhead.  Juvenile fish artificially produced by other recovery projects are transported to ponds where they will be acclimated in small numbers near preferred habitat.  The Early Winters site proposal calls for the acclimation of up 75,000 Coho and up to either 50,000 spring Chinook or steelhead pre-smolts using two constructed, semi-natural ponds.